For 40 years, we have helped strengthen our independent advisors and their practices through:

Forty years, some may say that is half a lifetime. But at FIG, we prefer to say that is decades of milestones reached, memories made and history forged. Each decade has brought unique challenges while also providing industry impacting results.

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What is the Spirit of FIG? If you have ever worked with a company just because it felt right, then you may have already encountered the Spirit of FIG.

For 40 years, Bill and Ericka Cain have provided a work place that just felt like home to its partners and staff. You may not have been able to quite put a finger on whether it was the personal customer service or the commitment to top products that kept you around, but you knew this company was the right fit to support and grow your practice. 

Internally, we call this feeling the Spirit of FIG. It starts with the foundation of our company’s core values combined with our five strategic initiatives and can be seen from the programs we offer to the staff we employ.

Spirit Pillars

Encompassing ethical standards, a commitment to excellence, respect for individuals, investment in our people and accountability, FIG’s foundation remains even in the time of technology and automation. Providing advanced programs and resources has not compromised FIG’s core values.

Spirit Core Values

And it has made us better. In a company that started before FMO’s were essential for independent advisors’ practice, the Cain’s decided to not only offer top products and quality customer service, but believed in working with advisors to solve problems for their clients. The Spirit of FIG lives through our creative initiatives, innovative programs, quality service and support and can be found in the opportunities to give back to our dedicated advisors.

As we celebrate our past and look forward to the future, the Spirit of FIG is a crucial influence. Not only is it the legacy of Bill and Ericka Cain’s dedication to the industry but it is a testament to the power of a family-run organization.