Talent Solutions Delivered
for FIG Advisors.





Financial Independence Group, (“FIG”) has been the destination organization for Independent Financial Advisors for over 40 years. Recognized as an industry leader in the marketing and distribution of retirement products such as annuities, life insurance, and long-term care, our Advisor network has relied upon us to deliver only the best products to their investors. Constantly chasing “customer excellence” FIG has decided to launch FIG Talent Solutions.

As a fully functioning Corporate Talent Acquisition team, FIG Talent Solutions provides experienced recruiting, performance management, and employee selection programs to the financial services community. Born from the values found within FIG: Ethical Standards, Commitment to Excellence, Peak Performance from All Individuals, Investment in Our People, and Accountability; our team develops a customized plan for helping candidates and our Advisors achieve success.

FIG Talent Solutions educates, engages, and ultimately recruits new employees in the financial space. Our recruits are hired as employees and work locally at the firm to perform a variety of functions including: Associate Advisor, Secondary Advisor, ParaPlanning, Marketing, and Administrative and Operations Support.

With over 20 years of recruiting experience within the financial services industry, our Talent Solutions team blends business process management with talent acquisition to provide a customized solution to our Advisors and candidates.





Making connections is the driving force behind the financial advisory and retirement planning business.

FIG Talent Solutions can help you move your business forward by enhancing your network with qualified introductions to individuals who possess similar values, cultural beliefs, and business principles.

We have taken the best subject matter expertise in the financial services recruiting industry and developed the optimal approach for attracting top talent to some of the hottest jobs within the advisor community. Our proven process for properly identifying the correct needs of a firm by interviewing all key stakeholders is followed by the detailed creation of your recruiting campaign. Culminating in the identification and placement of the best fit for your organization.




If you are a candidate searching for your next career in financial services or if you are a principal of an advisory firm, you will have access to the people who can help you navigate through new opportunities in the industry. Our team of experienced recruiting professionals provides specialized staffing within the following job functions:

  • Financial Advisors
    • Principals
    • Secondary Advisors
    • Junior Advisors
    • Sales Associates/Para Planners
  • Operations
    • Directors of Operations
    • Business Managers
    • Accounting/Finance Departments
    • Front Desk
    • Compliance
  • Client Relations
    • Client Service Managers
    • Client Service Representatives
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Managers
    • Marketing Coordinators
    • Communications Analysts




Developmental exercise performed with you and the team to uncover accountability, responsibility, and capacity threats and target state organizational alignment.

Utilizing success factors and key performance indicators to ensure best “fit”, FIG Talent Solutions strategically creates the most optimal job description to grab and keep the attention of the candidate.

FIG Talent Solutions design and implement your customized “Recruiting Roadmap” to not only attract candidates, but also assist in building brand awareness. This roadmap can be used in Digital and Social Advertising campaigns.

The benefits of sharing your current open positions within your firm via FIG Talent Solutions, you are not only getting your open position out to the masses, but you are now integrated within our strategic marketing platform. We are also inviting candidates to join our Talent Network where they will receive active engagement opportunities for industry news.

Execution of the recruiting roadmap ensuring that it is personalized to your needs and success factors to ensure a “right fit” candidate.

Our team will assist with all aspects of the interview process including, suggestions on interview questions, legal guidelines for interview questions and developing/honing your interviewing techniques.

We will manage the cycle of offer negotiation with your ideal candidates. This allows you to stay focused on the value of their qualifications, while we reach a successful conclusion.

Follow up and attention to performance quality of each new hire is a passion of ours. A successful integration into your firm is the goal. We hope to assist with this integration and motivate new hires to exceed your expectations.