CAR Program

Conduct Comprehensive

Client Policy Reviews

The primary purpose of the Comprehensive Analysis and Review Program is to provide you with the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively conduct a comprehensive client insurance policy review. It is not intended as a replacement strategy, but rather a thorough analysis of your client/prospect’s current insurance portfolio against today’s current marketplace.

Enhance relationships with the client/prospect by providing an in-depth review put together by the FIG Life Team. The comparative analysis demonstrates a sincere interest in your clients/prospects that extends beyond a possible sale, building a connection based on trust. You can provide solutions, not just sell product.

Uncover sales and referral opportunities. The value shown in the CAR review can comfortably put you in front of your clients and prospects to ask for referrals. Once a client/prospect goes through the CAR Program, even if no sale takes place, he or she will feel much more comfortable in providing you with referrals to their family, friends and business associates.

Be the best. In this business, you strive to stay ahead of your competitors, and by offering services such as comprehensive policy reviews, you can literally shut the door on your competition. If you can add value to an insurance transaction, you’re ahead of the curve.

What's included in CAR?

  • Review of current objectives and needs
  • A summary of the existing in-force policy(ies)
  • Type of policy, ownership, beneficiary designations and payment modes
  • Assessment of the current medical underwriting
  • Evaluation of interest rate changes and insurance cost changes
  • Financial stability of the insurance company