College Funding Evolution

Ensuring the Right Fit for your Needs.


They Get Answers. You Get Clients.

This works for annuities, insurance, and assets under management while attracting a younger client base for long-term relationships and less competition with other advisors.

FIG’s College Funding Evolution provides you with the tools to implement College Funding in your practice to broaden your reach and grow your client base! A college funding program like no other. It really does work and we have the proof. No cold calling. No hard sell. Just eager prospects in urgent need of advice:

  • How can I afford my kids’ college in the short time left?
  • What financial aid is available to me?
  • Which schools can I afford?


Program Offers Access to:

  • College Workshop Marketing Materials
  • Appointment Coaching
  • Monthly Sales Trainings
  • Content Library of Appointment Recordings
  • CFE Strategic Partners
  • So much more!

Are you serious about getting more leads and increasing your overall income? Get started with FIG’s College Funding Evolution today!

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*NOTE: There is no obligation to purchase or exchange annuity contracts or life insurance policies.