Strategic Method of Radio Marketing

Stop spending hundreds to find and qualify each new prospect!

Get your piece of the airwaves with LiveWire Radio Leads. Once you’re plugged in you’ll be free from the constant worry about where your next appointment or client will come from.

You know the key to a more successful business is to get your message out to more, qualified potential clients. We have come across a strategic method of radio marketing that is proven to be tremendously successful. FIG is proud to have partnered with Freedom Financial Radio Network (FFRN) to bring FIG advisors LiveWire Radio Leads. The radio show attracts thousands of eager listeners to call in for more information on tax-free and tax-favored retirement strategies.

Dave and Laurett Arenz, founders of Freedom Financial Radio Network, have been successful Financial Strategists, Investors and Business Owners for 30 years. They have trained hundreds of advisors throughout the country on the Retirement Approach Free of Tax (RAFT) Strategy showcased on the radio program.

For More Information or To Get Started Now, Please Contact Your FIG Sales Consultant At 800.527.1155

The Investment

In addition to the station contract for the airtime, your investment in our program is simple:

$500 Sign-Up Fee*

- 1st month - includes RAFT books
- Radio market research
- Station pricing and contracting
- RAFT Strategy presentation
- Lead call scripts

Marketing at $100/month

- New FFNR 'HERO'S Talk Radio' Show Weekly
- Lead calls transcription
- Email marketing campaigns
- Lead and client management tools

Leads at $50 each
*$52 each if paying by credit card

- Warm leads, delivered by email
- Name & phone numbers (guaranteed)
- Email & ZIP code (bonus on most leads)

*The cost of radio varies widely based on your market, time available, the size, audience and format of your local station. Thirty-minute and hour show options available.

The System:

Will I have to share the market with anyone else?
We will consult with you on that depending on the market. Most large markets can be served better by multiple advisors. Because of the nature of radio, a stronger presence is actually helpful for all of our advisors. All the leads you receive will be unique.

What's included in the marketing system?
A call script, sales presentation for EIULs, copies of the RAFT Strategy book and personal access to Infusionsoft, an all-in-one sales & marketing tool used to follow up with radio leads.

How has the system been proven and tested?
FFRN launched in 2011 and airs in 25+ markets across the country. Since then, FFRN has refined its process into an efficient system that has been successful for financial advisers all over the country. Many of these insurance professionals affiliated with the show attest to the great results they experience every week by airing FFRN programs in their local markets.


Do you set the appointments?
No, this program does not include appointment setting. We encourage you to set your own appointments using the Radio Lead Call Script provided.

When do I get my leads?
You will receive your leads within 24 hours of their call-in. Weekend leads are delivered by noon on Monday.

How much information do I get on the leads?
We guarantee first name and one phone number. Most leads include at least one additional form of contact (either a 2nd phone number, email address or street address).

What type of leads are generated from the radio show?
The radio show discusses 3 different retirement strategies. The RAFT (Retirement Approach Free of Tax) Strategy which uses Indexed UL. The PPP (Personal Pension Plan) Strategy that utilizes Indexed Annuities or a Roth IRA. The AAA (Asset Accumulation Access) approach that utilizes annuities with income riders and other tools.


How long do I need to commit for?
We strive to get unconditional 2-4 week cancellation terms on all contracts, but many stations will not budge. The average contract is between 6 and 13 weeks. The cost of the Infusionsoft database is $300/month to maintain without an active radio show contract.

How much does radio time cost?
On average between $200-$600+ per week. We often try to get on 2 hours at the same time, preferably with different stations. This way we can identify the best long-term solution more quickly.

How many leads should I expect?
For every $100 you spend on the radio, expect at least one lead. If we don't reach that, we are actively working with the station and other stations to boost your response rates. Our success is based on how well these stations perform, not on how much you spend on the radio, so we work very hard to make this work long-term.

What should be my return on investment?
Our average agents have made a return of between 5 and 10 times their total out-of-pocket investment. We can make no guarantees. The longer you stay with the system, the greater likelihood you have of achieving results.

What format do you usually air in?
News/Talk, Christian Talk, Sports Talk and Oldies/Classic Hits are the most common formats. These formats offer the most time for shows in our category, and they are coincidentally the best formats for our target demographic.