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Grow your practice around the financial advice Baby Boomers need most - Social Security. There is tremendous value in providing expertise and advice on this hot topic!


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SS Analyzer software is recommended to generate personalized analysis reports for seminar follow-up. This software tool is available at the special price for FIG advisors. You may also use the software tool of your choice.

Social Security Seminar Best Practices

Good Location It doesn’t have to be at a five-star hotel, but it does need to be a respectable place. Consider libraries, educational facilities and community centers. Book it ASAP.

Offer 3 Dates Tuesdays and Thursdays spread across two weeks is recommended.

Time 6:30 and/or 6:00. People who are still working will be interested in Social Security. Give the husband and wife time to get off work, have dinner together and then drive to your event.

Refreshments A full meal isn’t always necessary, but light refreshments are a must.

Mailer Filters 58 - 67 years old, Household income $50K - $60K+ income benchmark

Mailing Quantity 6,000+ pieces. Consider an average response of about 1% and the room capacity

Mailer Type Bi-fold mailers pull the best over postcards.

Presentation You don’t have to be a great presenter, but you do have to be knowledgeable about Social Security and have interesting delivery.

Appointments Set at the seminar or within 3 weeks of event. Have a give-away, drawing or incentive at the end of your workshop to entice attendees to linger after your presentation. This will allow time to mingle and set appointments.

The Importance of Nurturing Your Social Security Leads

Not all leads are "hot" today, but that doesn’t mean you should stop nurturing them. The buying cycle in financial services can be long. But periodic contact with leads serves to move the sale forward by reinforcing value.

  • Offering personalized Social Security software driven analysis/report is essential. This is your call to action to get the appointment. Providing the report free of charge is recommended.
  • Offering Social Security educational workshops and analysis provide a great opportunity for client acquisition, but only a few of your leads will be ready to convert immediately.
  • Most of the leads generated will require a carefully planned process of care and nurturing over time. Yet these long-term leads may result in the deepest client relationships.
  • Keep track of all attendees in your CRM database. A good follow-up process will ensure that prospects remember you and your firm when they are ready to make a decision, resulting in a shorter sales cycle.


In Order To Access Social Security Resources, A Producer Must Be Doing Business With Financial Independence Group.

  • Talk to your FIG Sales Consultant about the program
  • Fill out the SS Resources Questionnaire
  • Transfer of all existing Life & Annuity Contracts to FIG