Personal Business Consulting

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A systematic approach that gives you a clear and concise vision to execute change inside your business..

Surge 20.20 is a four step analysis that will identify challenges, adjust your business model and hold all parties accountable with the goal of surging to new heights immediately.

Each day you face personal and business challenges that impact the future of what you have worked so hard to build. With the help of SURGE you will create new personal and business habits that will impact you for the remainder of your years in business as a financial professional.

How many times have you left a great seminar or meeting filled with ideas, only to implement none of them? Surge provides support to carry out your best ideas and see your dreams become a reality.

Three important questions:

Are you fully prepared to execute your 5-year business plan to become explosive by the year 2020?
Is your business vision clear and concise to execute change inside your business?
Are you willing to dedicate 20 minutes 20 days per month to be accountable and focus on your business?

If you are dedicated enough to commit to our program your business will surge just as you dreamed when you first started in your practice.