How to Promote a Podcast Appearance in 10 Easy Steps

by Mark Stewart
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Updated September 1, 2023, at 10:41 AM

There’s a podcast boom going on!

They’re all the rage these days, and for good reason. Podcasts are one of the hottest marketing tools around right now, with over 850,000 active podcasts and more than half of Americans tuning into podcasts regularly.

Whether you’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast or you’ve worked hard reaching out to secure an appearance, you now have the power to share valuable information. That’s a green light to listeners everywhere to connect with you and your message. But what do you do with that awesome episode once it’s all said and done?

Promote it. And promote it well.

How to Promote a Podcast Appearance

1. Create and distribute a press release.

After you’ve gone on the podcast and flexed your financial knowledge muscles, write a press release highlighting your appearance. Be sure to include the main points you made in your guest appearance. Then, submit it to a press release distribution platform like PRWeb, NewswireJet, Business Wire, or You can always find a freelance public relations specialist to do this heavy lifting for you.

2. Send an email to your database.

Chances are, soon after the podcast has been uploaded for all to hear, you’ll have a hyperlink that houses the episode. Be sure to send that link to your email lists with a subject line highlighting your appearance and short, clear, and punchy text that includes the link. Then, briefly explain what you went over in the episode. Your clients and prospects will be excited to see your accomplishment!

3. Post it on social media (often).

Using the same link, share your appearance across all your social media platforms every two weeks or so for a few months. You’d be surprised how often a post can get buried or go unnoticed in a person’s social media feed (and why it’s important to broaden your social media reach and engagement).

To maximize your podcast appearance on social media, make sure to post it multiple times and include a clear call to action to listen to the podcast.

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4. Tag the podcast and use its hashtags.

Depending on the podcast, there’s a good chance it has its own social media pages and hashtags that are regularly used. Head over to the podcast’s social media pages, note their page names and hashtags, and be sure to tag their page and use their hashtags in your own social posts. It’ll help you gain more
exposure to those who are interested in the podcast.

5. Re-purpose the content.

Not all people enjoy listening to podcasts. Or looking at an infographic. Or watching a video. Or reading. People are different and prefer different avenues to consume their content. Go ahead and take your main points from the podcast appearance and turn them into a blog post, a shareable infographic, and a short video. It’s an easy way to create new content while allowing your audience
to consume the content how they want.

6. Use it in your events.

Have an upcoming seminar, webinar, or other client or prospecting event? Incorporate some of those “golden nuggets” you shared in the podcast into your presentation. It’s an excellent way to bring value and enrichment to your speech. Oh, and don’t be afraid to make a humble brag about your guest appearance after your presentation. Encourage attendees to check out the episode by sending
them a quick follow-up email after the event.

7. Add it to your website.

Your website is one of your most prominent platforms, and most likely has the most traffic of all your online outlets. It only makes sense to add the podcast episode to your media page for everyone to see.

You could also feature the episode via a pop-up announcement, side banner, or in another section of your website. Regardless of where you place it, you’ll enhance your authority as a financial professional. This is a surefire way to get your voice in front of people when deciding how to promote a podcast appearance.

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8. Ask the host to promote you.

Always confirm with any podcast host that there will be a strategy to market the episode you’ve appeared in. You can even inquire about offering a free guide, whitepaper, or other “freebie” that can be accessed by visiting your website. Just make sure your URL is clear and straightforward so listeners can easily remember it or write it down.

9. Add it to your email signature.

You’re sending emails day in and day out. Why not feature your podcast appearance in a subtle way at the end of each email? You can personalize your email signature to include a link and short blurb about your appearance.

It may not seem significant, but people are sure to see it during your correspondence. They’ll be likely to give the podcast a listen if they’re interested. Just think of it as free advertising space!

10. Use it in your recruiting process.

One of the reasons podcasts are so popular these days is because of their authenticity. Listeners can get a feel for your personality and are more likely to view you as
a trusted authority once they’ve listened.

When a prospect has lost contact or you’re introducing yourself to a new one, send them a link to the podcast episode so they can listen to you with no obligation. Hopefully, they’ll realize that they should be working with you.

One Last Point…

Think outside the box when you’re learning how to promote a podcast appearance. Appearing on podcasts, especially ones that center around your community, can bring new leads through your door and can re-affirm your current clients’ beliefs of you being a financial leader in your area.

Think of it as having your cake while eating it, too.

On one hand, your lead generation and marketing efforts can see a real boost while simultaneously improving your client relations and retainment rates.

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