Do You Need a Business Coach or Business Consultant?

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Updated September 22, 2023, at 1:01 PM

Picture this: Your financial firm is having its best year ever. You’re fully staffed. Referral business is good. You walk into your office and the team greets you with smiles and an enthusiastic “Good morning, boss!”

Everything seems to be running smoothly.

You start digging into your email and find one with this subject line: “What is the delay?” Then another email a few lines down reads: “Cancel our agreement.” The sad news is that you see these subject lines all too often.

You know your firm isn’t delivering the timely, quality service that clients demand today. No matter what you do (work more hours, revise systems, or change bonus plans), the problem continues to get worse and it’s starting to reflect in your online reviews. You realize you must get in front of this issue sooner rather than later.

Should I Hire a Business Coach or Business Consultant?

Do you partner with a business coach or hire a business consultant? And what’s the difference between them? Many small business owners have spent a great deal of time and money by choosing incorrectly.

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To save you time, frustration, and expenses, we’ll help determine the differences between a consulting relationship and a coaching relationship.

  • A coach is individual-focused and teaches their clients how to solve specific problems, concerns, or issues.
  • A consultant is problem-focused and solves problems for their clients with recommendations.
  • In a coaching relationship, the financial professional is regarded as the expert. The coach guides the financial professional to help solve their problems or obtain a specific outcome.
  • In a consulting relationship, the consultant is regarded as the expert who will provide the recommendations to solve the problem or obtain a specific outcome.
  • However, both provide accountability, which is key to successful implementation.

The following list and table provide a more comprehensive comparison of coaches versus consultants.

Before choosing the right path, you should:
  1. Have a general idea of the problem or problems you’re trying to solve to improve your business.
  2. Be self-aware and understand which type of relationship fits your style better.
  3. Contact our business consulting experts and we can assist you in making these critical decisions. We have access to a full suite of expert-led coaching and consulting options for our partnered financial professionals.

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Do You Need a Business Consultant or a Business Coach?

comparison chart of needing a business coach or business consultant

Consulting vs. Coaching

Not all consulting and coaching relationships are as clearly defined as this chart. In some cases, you may find relationships that overlap each other.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the processes and which solution fits you best, or click the image below to show interest in our business consulting services (plus, you’ll receive a free download of the Surge 20.20 Process to see how it works).

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